Shadow Forth

February 2020

Shadow Forth is a multi stylistic modern suite, moving from music concrete, contemporary chamber music, jazz, avant garde, and electronic wildness. The suite transforms a single lo-fi clip of rain and passing cars on a Brooklyn street into a wild soundscape; in part 2 strings, marimba, and vibes transform noise into a dreamy scene; in part 3 horns and a hint of soul jazz evoke NYC noir, and part 4 closes with a new electronic soundscape morphed from the same lo-fi clip into a rhythmic jungle, on top of which an effected vibraphone plays a polytonal solo.

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About Ben Cockerham

Ben Cockerham is a NYC-based composer and bandleader, specializing in the intersection of jazz, funk, and chamber music. An active performer in the NYC scene for over a decade, Ben leads several acts including mainstays such as indie funk band Sublunar Minds and the Gil Evans-esque Savoy In Color. He is a prolific songwriter and composes chamber music for some of the top musicians in NYC as well as high profile events such as New York Fashion Week.

A serial entrepreneur, Ben co-founded music companies RightsFlow (acquired by Google in 2011) and Source3 (acquired by Facebook in 2017). In 2010 Billboard magazine named Ben one of its “30 Under 30: Power Players In The Music Industry.”